Sunday, March 20, 2011

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail: The Hidden Plot

Currently finished: Episode 4

If you plot the explosiveness and ridiculousness level with the episode number, you'd see they're almost completely proportional to each other. This arc, being the latest installment of the series, is really as far-out as the series have every been. At this point, even though the story itself is loosely reality based, you'd really have to start throwing away realities one piece at a time in order to be able sustain the story without getting overrun by the far-fetched'ness it brings.

But having eased them in through 26 episodes, it really doesn't feel that bad, so long as you didn't skip the first two season before jumping into this OVA. In fact, the entertainment value is quite high. On top of that, ever since the second half of season two, they've been focusing on the character development of "Rock". This OVA, is actually a showcase of what "Rock" actually became. It's pretty easy to be distracted by all the bullets and rockets, but underneath them all, there's a hidden agenda, one that has been there since episode one but only starting to surface in episode four. I'd be quite interested to see what actually becomes of it when the final episode shows up.

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