Monday, March 21, 2011

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka: Well Written or Cheap Tricks

Currently finished: Episode 9

Just as I thought the series has cashed in its best chip and went back into the slump again, Kore wo Zombie Desu ka manages to pull out another heart-rending episode of carnage (well, sort of...ok, not really, but I can't seem to find a clever word to fit here, so, just pretend the word makes sense here).

As much as I like the moment, it got me thinking: are we actually witnessing a cleverly written story or is this just a series of cheap tricks for emotional shock value accompanies with loads of ridiculous nonsense? It is especially suspicious when this second emotional climax event literally came out of nowhere unexplained and was more or less bolted onto the ongoing thread without much of a lead in except the introduction of the character itself earlier. Having said that, however, there are some unanswered question at the moment, which could potentially explain these unexplained event on the long run. Still, I'd like to just throw there out for the record so I could later come back say "I told you so".


yoekix said...

I noticed the same thing right after the last 'good' episode. The story takes a bad turn by adding another character to the team. Not that it is a bad character, but for me it is in the way of decent story developing.

yoekix said...

Now that i have seen episode 10, my opinion has changed once again. It has gone back into the right way although there are to few eps to make it a decent story of it.