Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fractale: The Arrogant Brat Syndrome

Currently finished: Episode 10

In fiction or in real world, I'm always annoyed by idealists, especially those arrogant brats who thinks they can take on everything. Unfortunately, it is a very popular plot devices in animes.

If a know-nothing brat is at the center of a story, it's almost guaranteed that at some point, despite of a plan already in place for best course of action, he or she would just arrogantly follows his or her "ideal plan" to fix things as he or she sees fit. That's really annoying.

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marcos said...

I agree with you, those selfish characters are really annoying. Fortunatelly for me, this wasn't the case. Leaving aside the overall season's quality, this is still one of my favourite anime for the season.