Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Ended] Letter Bee Reverse: The Lord of Anticlimax

If you ask me to use one fitting word to describe Letter Bee Reverse or in that matter, the entire Letter Bee series, I wouldn't think twice before giving you "Anticlimactic". This ought to be the most anticlimactic anime I've seen, ever. It amazes me how they can make so many scenes that are meant to be grand, heart pounding, and tear jerking into something that you can barely feel. So many times throughout the series, I felt the plot building up to a point that I was all excited to see an event's resolution and outcome. But instead of a magnificent showdown from all the right things they've done to the pre-climax moment, it merely fizzles, left you scratching your head and ask "That's it? I thought it'd be more explosive than that..." It leaves no satisfaction what so ever seeing an end or resolution of an event.

To kill every single naturally occurring climax repeatedly in a story like this, that's some directing talent--a talent no director should ever have. This director should be barred from directing any thing with a climax, just like Shyamalan should be barred from directing any movies that isn't his own original work.

Aside from anticlimactic directing, everything else in this story is actually quite well made. In fact, I think this would be an excellent anime if the directing hasn't been as anticlimactic as this. The story is pretty well written, the character is pretty well developed (although, I still think Lag lacks of depth).

Final Scoreboard:

Drama: 69 (Highly anticlimactic)
Comedy: N/A
Action: 80 (Not bad)
Art/Animation: 84 (Pretty well drawn)
Sound/Music: 78 (So so)
Character: 79 (Well developed, but still feel two-dimensional)
Plot: 83 (Pretty good story)
Ending: 72 (Anticlimactic)

Re-watch value: 30

Overall: 77 - Anticlimactic to the extreme

Recommendation: My feeling towards it is mixed, as much as I liked the story, my heart just can't take the repeated abuse of giving me hope of something magnificent then fizzles in the most anticlimactic manner. But if you actually like anticlimax, then look no futher, this is your anime. Otherwise, watch it with caution.

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