Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Star Driver: The Galactic Pretty Boy Effect

Currently finished: Episode 18

I haven't made any post about this anime in a while because there hasn't been anything in the story lately makes me tick. However, it seemed my previous post about Star Driver had angered a huge fan of the anime who just happened to stumble upon that particular post. Whatever I said must have made him so angry that he left a comment that was longer than my original post to explain why I am a completely worthless person because I wrote what I wrote.

Well, I hate to tell ya, you're never going to put me down with sentences like that. In fact, if you haven't noticed, I like to make people angry.

Of course, me being me, I'll never let go of something like that unanswered, I retaliated with an equally lengthy reply back to his comment telling him just how wrong he is to criticize me.

If you feel like reading some heated exchange between different personal opinions, you can go ahead read the post and its comments. But that's not the main purpose I'm bringing this topic up here.

I've been wanting to talk a bit more about Star Driver for a while, but so far it's been lacking an "astonishing" event that I could justify a post about. Basically, after the initial WTF period, you start to slowly accept the world of Star Driver, not necessarily understanding it, only accepting it as it is. While there may be evidences out there to show that something meaningful could indeed be hiding under the massive amount of glittery nonsense, I still can't discover signs that would lead me to believe this is something as glorious as that comment had made it to be. But I would like to say that this shroud of mystery could actually be the key that propels it to the next level of excellence. But as for right now, I'm not totally convinced yet. At this point, it's really just a series of WTFs that keeps going up in caliber. Of course, I don't deny there's still the possibility for Star Driver to achieve a similar level like what Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo (Sora Kake Girl) had done, but until it does, I'm not going to count on it. Because so far everything in Star Driver in my opinion has been inferior comparing to Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, in terms of story depth, awe factor, even the WTF gauge. Frankly, the "Galactic Pretty Boy" is just not doing it for me.

So, Airhersalderaz, if by any chance you stumble upon this post again, please point out anything wrong I had said. I'd like to hear them. Really, I do. But if my "opinionated, ill informed and poorly conceived" view had disappointed you so much that you wouldn't ever read my blog again, then...too bad, I guess I had win this round by default, ha! (Just kidding, but if you're not going to read it anyway, at least let me step on the shadow you left behind so I can feel better about myself).


yoekix said...
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yoekix said...

I'm only watching this for the wtf moments, the story itself is really weak in my opinion. Most of the time i'm like: "just go to battle and try to surprise me"

I'm not sure i would keep this one on my hard drive.

Airhersalderaz said...

Hi! First of all, I'm actually really sorry I came across in a fanboy damn all who think poorly of my beloved anime! kind of way, it was childish. Secondly, I'm actually quite honored - and haven't been able to stop giggling for some time, about how you went to the trouble of posting a reply AND a new post quoting what I said. My comments where kind of unfair, like the: ill informed, imagination, comments etc
Truth be told I really don't feel that strongly for this anime, and can't remember why I reacted the way I did now! ^_^0
Also, I have to thank you because something about your post has caused me to laugh uncontrollably - not at you or your opinions - they're actually very valid - but rather the whole thing I said, and your response. I'm not being sarcastic or anything, your comment about self esteem is hilarious, thank you for the endorphins!
But back on topic - I have to agree with you in a way, Star Driver didn't seem to go anywhere compared to other titles, and it was very zany. I like it for the reasons I stated, but it does have wasted potential. Overall, I find it doesn't stand out as a memorable anime.
BTW, I came across your post by being vain and typing my screen name into google to try and find old posts i did in the past out of curiosity, but nothing in particular, I'd forgotten all about this one. lol
So anyway, this is the end of my humble polite and highly amused post, I hope I did not disappoint with lack of an argument!
All the best to you and your blog -


- I'm actually still laughing, thanks again!

The Evil Cat said...

I like a good humor, even when I write with strong animosity (not that I actually felt that way about your post, really, I actually thought your post was funny), I still want to throw in some humor, so that there's always a chance to soften the atmosphere and we can get a chance to talk politely.

Thanks for the comment. Visit back often. (Even though you might have noticed I'm not posting nearly as much and I'm about to go into an extended hibernation here...>.<)