Sunday, November 14, 2010

Star Driver: This is Retarded

Currently finished: Episode 5

From the get-go, this anime has shown us that it wants to be as far-out as possible in terms of ridiculousness by having names such as "Galactic Pretty Boy". Then every step along the way, as if they feel they haven't been ridiculous enough, they throw in more.

Take this episode for example, early on, when they were setting up, I thought, "you know, it'd be retarded if the bad guy lost the battle against GPB this episode because of that flaw in the character". Then 5 minutes later, GPB literally defeats the bad guy using that retarded flaw.

The level of retardedness is just reaching higher and higher. At this point, it's not that I'm following this anime because it's good--I just want to see how much more retarded it can get.


Anonymous said...

retarded doesn't mean stupid.

The Evil Cat said...

stupid: lacking intelligence or common sense
retarded: mentally handicapped

You are right, retarded doesn't mean stupid. And here, RETARDED is a way better fitted word for describing it.

Airhersalderaz said...

Just because an anime dares to try new ideas outside of the norm and make a point of not explaining itself at first, doesn't make it retarded. This anime uses unconventional and often unexplained methods of developing it's story, but the whole idea is aimed toward a sense of mystery. A strange island, a seperate dimension that these mecha can only exist in, the maidens, and the hero himself, surviving the ocean, his grandfather, the school, the girl in the cage telling the story as it unravels. None of this makes sense, but I believe it will unfold as the story goes, and make more sense overtime. If we knew everything from the start there would be no room for this paticular type of originality, and I for one find it very interesting for that reason. Admittedly, the ease at which the last fight ended and the reason where silly, and a shame in one sense. But it was unexpected, and original, and quite frankly humorous. The main character reflected the thoughts of the audience as "WTF?" anyway. Furthermore, there have been many famous anime and indeed stories altogether where a character flaw in some sense of the phrase has determined a "bad guys" loss in a fight with the hero. If you take the time to think about this, and you've seen enough stories to understand, you'd know what I mean. But then again, if that where the case, you wouldn't have said what you did... Oh and BTW, the enemy was a lady not a "guy".
I also find parts of this series very amusing. Yes, there is pervy stuff to a degree, but so many great anime has and, it works. Sure the end of this episode was like the start of a hentai or something, but kudos for daring to do that. It's not totally blatant lol.
Mysterious, confusing, different, unconventional, but certainly not retarded. And that's one of the reasons I like this anime. As for the pretty boy thing, it's a popular joke/reality in Japan. The girls love the pretty boys, and the boys take the piss out of them lol. Not universally the case but mostly. Shame your not familiure with this, but critisizing this aspect of an anime in this fashion which is based on a modern day cultural reference is either derogatory or just your total ignorance.
So I'd say your point of veiw is opinionated, ill informed and poorly conceived. It also shows that your entirely lacking in imagination and closed minded to this paticular anime, and any other stories that don't fit into whatever psycologically safe catagory your idea of a good story is.
(I can already hear the angry responses. Or the short sharp nonsensical ones, or the counter agruments ending with some kind of copy of what I've said here, in an attempt to turn it back on me...)
I didn't mean you any offense by what I've said, merely my opinion. But you know I'm right...

The Evil Cat said...

Ok, that's a long comment. I think you're officially the longest commenter of my blog.

First off, this is a blog that I speak my mind at the time, you really need to look at the first line of my post to put the content of my post into the context of what or when. This post is what came to my mind at the end of episode 5, which I had indicated at the beginning of the post. Now I ask you, would you have written the same thing to criticize me on what I've said in the post back then when you watched ONLY 5 episodes of the anime and have no advanced information on what this anime holds in the future? Retarded may no longer be the correct term to describe the Star Driver, but at the time this post was written, I'd argue retarded is sufficiently appropriate to appear in the title of a post for this anime.

Second, I can tell you merely stumbled upon this post of mine and have most definitely not been reading my blog for long. Otherwise you would not have made such comment as "whatever psycologically safe catagory your idea of a good story is". There has been plenty of animes that people consider ridiculous and bizarre had earned extremely high remarks from me. In fact, at this point (episode 18), I'd put this at the similar level of what Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo is. If you have seen Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, you should find the label on my blog for that and read what I wrote about it, then you might change what you think of my "whatever psycologically safe catagory idea of a good story".

While we're on it, yes, my point of view is opinionated, because it is my blog and for all practical purpose I am the god of this blog and god gets to be as opinionated as he wants to be. But I would argue on the point of ill informed and poorly conceived quoting my point no.1 as my defense.

Last, it's more of an off topic point, I don't ever give angry responses on topic related comments. The only time I may give angry responses is when someone makes remark on my the political correctness of my post, like the first commenter of this post did.

Your long and angry comment is very welcome but I have to mention back that your comment about my post is equally opinionated and ill informed. But I forgive you. After all we are merely humans, right? ^_^

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