Monday, February 7, 2011

Fractale: Slow Start, Quick Boost

Currently finished: Episode 4

Even though it has a pretty slow (and somewhat boring) start, the recent two episodes had really pumped things up.

For starters, things starts to come together as a story and the significance of each character starts to slowly show up. Then there's the introduction of the background. The first two episodes felt somewhat weird because we have no background information. Series of events in the next two episode explained the background much better--you start to understand the way of life for people that supposedly live "normally" in this world. On top of that, the pace of the story has also gone up quite a bit, which gives is a much needed "turbo boost" after the somewhat slow start.

So if you're at episode two and considering dropping it, don't. Give it another two episodes and it might change your mind.

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