Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairy Tail: Villain's Mercy

Currently finished: Episode 66

It happens a lot in action animes: whenever a good guy about to lose, something moving, touching, emotional would suddenly start to happen that in turn "refills" the power gauge of our beloved hero/heroine who miraculously regains all of his/her lost power plus more, which usually end up being just enough to overcome whatever he/she couldn't last time through to fix/finish whatever needs to be done.

The problem?

Well, usually, that whole touching, moving, emotional whatever requires some time to "charge up". If I were the villain, I'd probably see a big "danger" sign hovering over whoever I'm trying to beat up, and would want to waste no time to finish him/her off. On top of that, I've worked so hard to beat him/her down to wherever he/she is at and this is probably the best time to finish off what I started since it's likely he/she is at the most vulnerable state.

However, for whatever reason, the villain, always, I mean ALWAYS just stand there not doing anything productive to prevent that as if they don't understand that whatever the warm fuzzy the good guys were feeling is actually intended to make a comeback to put him out for good.

Do the story writers really take their audiences to be that stupid? Or do they just run out of stuff to make it believable and try to shuffle this last yet most important part along and hoping the audiences don't notice it?!

By no means I'm trying to pick on Fairy Tail alone since >80% action animes probably possess this problem. It's just that so far it seems that's how every single arc in this anime has ended...


yoekix said...

It is how all bleach battles end, how gurren lagann ends, don't forget dragonball z here, hey i have even seen it in mecha battles.

Reason ?

The kids fucking love it

The Evil Cat said...

Yeah, but you'd thought they'd eventually grow out of it...

yoekix said...

Well those who grow up will, but there is a constant supply of new shitlings, so those formula keeps going.

phil said...

i totally agree.