Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GOSICK: I Don't Quite Get It

Currently finished: Episode 7

After the first two arcs, I thought I started to get a grasp about what this story is about and who Victoria is. But then the next arc came around, now I'm just totally confused. It seems every time they feed you some useful information on how to solve the puzzle, they throw in some more puzzle pieces to confuse you more. I understand that they are trying to keep the character Victoria to be as mysterious as possible since that's their main selling point, but sometimes you gotta give the audience something to keep them going. Right now, it seems they're purposely trying to confuse us. I don't really mind it, since I believe a good puzzle usually makes a good story, it's just I think they've gone a bit overboard on it.

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yoekix said...

even after episode 7 i don't have anything definite about this, i like it, but the lack of overall story is a bit of a letdown.