Monday, January 24, 2011

[OVA][Ended] Tamayura

With Australian Open fighting everything else for the occupying my free time, my anime watching time has been significantly reduced. But with January season being kicked into autopilot, I can now start to pull up some OVAs that I downloaded from last couple of months that I never had a chance to watch. The first one is an OVA called "Tamayura":

Fu Sawatari just entered high school and moved to a small village. She loves photography. And this is the story how photography has become the integral part of her life.

Tamayura is an phenomenon in photography that causes the result picture to have somewhat of a glittering effect. Although very loosely constructed, this story more or less revolves around a picture Fu had taken long time ago about her father that has this phenomenon. Her father had since passed away, but she never stopped searching to once again reproduce the phenomenon.

The story is light, very light. In fact, I'd say it's even light for a light drama. At run time of only 14 minutes per episode, this is a very good change of pace if you just feel like to watch something that relaxes both your heart and your brain, at the same time, feel the warmth of a story about how a girl never gives up in finding her father's legacy.

One other interesting thing about this anime (well, more specifically, the casts) is that three of the main characters are voiced by three very distinctively recognizable loli voices that has played a major loli role lately: Fu Sawatari = Azu"nyan" (K-ON!), Kaoru Hanawa = Poplar Taneshema (Working!!), and Norie Okazaki = "Index" (To Aru Majutsu no Index). It's very interesting to hear them all at the same time in the same conversation.

Score: 86 - Light and Relaxing

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