Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Movie] Cencoroll

A huge monster appears in the middle of a city in Japan. Apparently it's controlled by somebody else. A girl got involuntarily involved in the battle between these monsters when she accidentally saw one guy controlling one of the monsters.

This, is a weird one. It starts off by jumping right in the middle of the story with no explanation what so ever. Although you start to pick up clues about what's up, they still never give you any explanation on anything: everything you eventually know (or you think you know) about the monsters and the people controlling them are all made from the assumptions based on information gathered from what's been happening. But nevertheless, I think it's quite interesting.

The story is adapted from a one shot manga named Amon Game. With run time of only 25 minutes, it sure is a short movie. The second movies has already been announced, but I'm still not aware of a release date yet. Maybe they'll talk more about what exactly is everything about in the second movie?!

Score: 81

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