Saturday, January 29, 2011

[OVA] Hiyokoi

Hiroyi is a very small and timid first year high school student who got in the accident before school started and hasn't been coming to school until now. Her shyness was strongly contrasted by Yuushin, who sits right next to her and constantly make fun of her.

I have to admit, this is the type of story that I have no defense against (no, it's not the cuteness that gets me, well, maybe just a little, but that's not the primary reason my defense is weak against it). First of all, it's a shoujo anime. So if you're allergic to shoujo stories, you might as well stop and skip. It very much follows the manly man and girly girl shoujo model. In fact, there is not much more than just a short story gives you warm and fuzzy feelings. So if you feel like a quick switch of pace or just suddenly have the urge to have something give you some warm fuzzies, then this is perfect.

Score: 83

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