Monday, January 31, 2011

[Movie] Loups=Garous

In a future world when all food mankind consumes can be synthetically produced, the world become a highly organized and controlled society where every move, every action of everybody is being watched and monitored. But even in such a society, there are predators known as Loups-Garous that prey on innocent children for mysterious reasons. A group of girls set on a quest to find out what's behind it when their friend went missing.

This movie, in my opinion is best described as Ghost in the Shell minus. It attempts to create an world that mimics that in GitS with couple of crucial elements missing. And these missing elements, made this story feel quite awkward.

The story is originall written by Natsuhiko Kyougoku, who also wrote Hundred Stories and Mouryou no Hako. He's very well know for his mental horror stories, but is also known notoriously for the slowness and dialog heavy in many of his stories. That was clearly shown in this movie. While the the story doesn't feel extremely slow, but there were multiple points in the story I was just asking "is it over?" or "is it supposed to be over?!"

The problem I see about this movie is there isn't much a continuity. Each segment feels very disconnected, even though they eventually come together, but it's kind of too little too late where the momentum of rest of the story has already vanished (if there were any to begin with).

So overall, my recommendation for this movie is "you're not missing much if you skip it". You can quote me on that :-) I want my hour and half wasted time back.

Score: 70

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