Sunday, January 16, 2011

[New January 2011] Dragon Crisis!

Japanese title: ドラゴンクライシス!
Info/Watch Online:
Genres: Comedy / Dragon?
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: Some dude came to help his cousin to retrieve some national treasure, but they end up getting a ... red dragon?!

Familiar Voices:
  • Rie Kugimiya (釘宮理恵) as "red dragon" Rose. This is one voice that need no introduction, the most famous loli voice, ever: Shana, "Zero" Louise, also non-loli roles such as Alphonse Elric.
  • Yukana (ゆかな) as Eriko, she already appeared a couple of posts ago, she's known as of C.C., Teletha, Akiko, and more. Unlike Infinite Stratos her voice here actually sounds more like C.C.

First impression score: 84~ Interesting start

Personal comments: So far, it's pretty interesting. The fact Rie Kugimiya plays a major role just adds extra bonus (even though she only speaks like two words in the entire episode ^_^). I'm actually looking forward to this one.


yoekix said...

added to my watch list. Not the most best opening episode that i have seen, but it is within acceptable range.

Micky said...

So far one of the best of this season... That's not saying much though. An anime slump to start 2011 is kinda depressing. Oh well.

Jang said...

wow... rie..
lets see how good this anime can be..