Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~: Strangely Attractive

Currently finished: Episode 6

Typical archetypes, large amount of fan service, and many more. Every single one of them would make a huge ding on its rating. If I have taken everything into consideration to rate it normally, I'd probably have dropped it long time ago. The fact is, there is something interesting about this anime, (no, it's not the boobs, I swear), that keeps me interested in it. Maybe it's the fact they keep delaying on revealing the root of everything, or maybe it's the dynamic between the characters I'm liking. Whatever the reason is, I can't seem to stop liking it.

One of my friend that watched the first season of Sekirei told me something that I thought it's probably one of the most fitting descriptions of Sekirei: "It's Tenchi Muyo plus Pokemon--instead of monsters, the characters in the story collect harems and use them to fight against each other."

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