Sunday, August 1, 2010

[OVA] Black Rock Shooter

The OVA consists of two interleaved story lines of a pair of high school girls developing their friendship and two strange looking girls having a high octane fight in a strange world. So the obvious question was: "How are these two stories related?"

With that in mind, I watched and waited, hoping that at some point in the OVA, I would say: "Aha, so that's why these two stories are told this way." But unfortunately, that moment never came. Instead, a very brief explanation was given in the end that didn't quite make sense what so ever in helping me understand this OVA, nor does it answer any of the additional WTF's that has risen in the middle of the OVA.

A scene in the middle and after the ending credit seems to suggest that there is a sequel coming. If that's true, then this OVA wouldn't be nearly as bad. But as a stand alone series, I would not even give it a passing grade.

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