Sunday, August 8, 2010

[Movie] Broken Blade

In a world that everybody possesses the "magic" ability to operate quartz, quartz machine are used everywhere from day-to-day work to giant military mecha (yes, it's a mecha anime). The story revolves around a guy who couldn't use this "magic" ability that happens to be caught in a war between two countries.

Being a mecha anime, it has the typical short falls (or at least that's what I call them) such as over emphasizing technical advancement of mechas, super slow-mo mecha battles, and other typical things mechaa animes tend to have that we could all live without. At least the story does not revolve around how someone is trying to get their hands on a more bad-ass mecha like so many Gundam animes do.

I think my biggest complain about this anime is being too short--the story didn't even finish starting up, not to mention the movie ended right around where you think the climax is coming up. Do they really spend that much money on mecha CG animation that there isn't even enough to write a decent length story?

Overall, however, I think it's a decent enough anime even for a mecha--they just need to finish making it.

Score: 81

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