Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi: Would it become dark and twisted?

Currently finished: Episode 8

On the surface, it looks just like a plotless slice of life light drama/comedy. But ever since episode 5, it starts to reveal a hidden plot that is somewhat different in moods one piece at a time. Recently, the major villain behind this hidden plot has been revealed, which puts a much more shadowy feel to this "behind-the-scene" hidden plot.

One thing in most story that I specific look for is how the villains are portrayed in them: generally more hatefulness a story could potentially accumulate for the villain, more I tend to like it. Because in my opinion, hate drives a much more powerful emotion than anything else, and emotion is what I look for when I'm reading/watching a story. That's also why I like tragedies so much--hate is the driving force behind almost all tragedies.

While this "behind-the-scene" plot exists, it's not guaranteed that they'll build upon it, or even return to resolve it. I sure hope they eventually make the final climax to be focused on it. If not, that'll be a major, major disappointment.

Another side node, due to the fact it made itself clear that this is one of those "pay-it-forward" snowball rolling story, while the "snowball" does not necessarily appear to be gaining any "weight" at the moment, I think there will be a part where all favors that have been saved into the "bank" will be all cashed out at once, and it will be a grand grand finale.

p.s. probably due to the fact J.C.Staff produced all of them, quite a few characters from other animes such as Toradora, Railgun, etc. has been making guest appearances. It's quite interesting to see familiar faces once a while.

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