Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[Movie] Eden of the East Movie II: Paradise Lost

It's a bit difficult to say whether I'm satisfied or disappointed with the ending of Eden of the East. For one, it ended in my opinion in a somewhat unorthodox manner that isn't in line with most animes tend to do. However, being unorthodox does not automatically mean it's good. After putting a little thoughts into it, it really isn't that good of an ending--it's more or less of a sudden termination of the story. In fact, after seeing this ending, the whole story become a wild goose chase that tries to feed you a certain philosophical and political view of today's world. While it ties up many things, some among the most important ones are just left wide open.

On top of that, even though the whole story is already far-fetched enough, introductory of excessive far-fetched'ness such as the mobile Juiz in my opinion has gone just a bit too far.

Having said that, however, even though the ending less than stellar and they've gone a bit too far in their imaginative realm, the story itself in my opinion is still quite enjoyable. The end of the movie feels like something wrapping up a saga that has been going for years non-stop, in a good way. When a shot series plus two short movies can have this effect, I'd say they've done an excellent job in drawing people's attention deep into the plot.

Oh, one more thing, even though the "Johnny" joke has been left mostly untouched in both movies, the 10 seconds of the opening of this second movie made a "Johnny" reference that had just made me rolling on the chair laughing.

Score: 83


Reik said...

omg o_O where did you watch it T_T i can't find the movie anywhere

The Evil Cat said...

you can get raw and the subtitles separately, at nyaatorrents, but you have to do some assembling yourself to make it a watchable video.

Reik said...

ahh will do :D
Thanks again bud!

Reik said...

......... really i was so disapointed with that ending i was hoping for it to end with Saki thinking about stuff and looking at the sky then she turned and there he was BAM! but no : ( meh it made me sad... and i think all teh seleçao crap ended well so meh i'd give it a 9 but thats me

Manga Therapy said...

I think the movie focused a lot on the message about NEETs being super-important in this day & age.

They seemed to ignore a majority of the other characters.

I actually wrote about the potential of NEETs based on my observations of the series. You can read it at:

Too bad it's over. I would have liked to see what Takizawa had in mind for the future.

The Evil Cat said...

Very interesting thoughts there, but I disagree that "love" and "unconditional positive regard" is the solution.

As a person whose opinions often align with Social Darwinism, I think the key to unlock NEET's potential is nothing more than taking away the nest they reside in, or as you put it, "get them out of their comfort zone". Such group exists only because they could. Once it become a do-or-die situation, they'll have to choose to either be a productive member of the society or be forever forgotten by the society, instead of floating in stasis as they are right now.