Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shakugan no Shana II: (Ended) Spectacular!

Rarely, I've seen an already outstanding series have a sequel that is just as good or even exceeds the level of the original series. Shakugan no Shana II managed to do that. After I heard that a sequel is coming out of the original series, I thought there is no way it's going to beat the original series. Because the original series, in my opinion is somewhere near if not at the top of its kind (action/modern fantasy). However, the sequel just brought it to a whole new level. This series further affirmed J.C.Staff's position being one of my favorite animation studio (the other one is Gonzo, but it's getting close to be struck out). The original series plus this sequel, would be gaining a spot on my all time favorite animes list.

Final Scoreboard (of 5):

Drama: 5 (This is what it's all about)
Comedy: 4.75 (There are some interesting comedies in most unexpected places)
Action: 5 (Spectacular)
Art/Animation: 5 (Very well presented)
Sound/Music: 4.75 (I like the first set of theme songs, not quite fund of the second set)
Character: 5 (Deep and rich in personalities)
Plot: 4.75 (There are some short comings, but still great)
Ending: 4.5 (It ended close to perfection, somehow I didn't mind it that much...)
Re-watch value: 3 (It's just my personal opinion, I think it might worth re-watching)

Overall (not average): 4.8 ~ October 2007 Season's Top Pick

Award: Best Long Season Action/Drama Anime of 2008

Recommendation: This is one of the few animes that I unconditionally recommend to anybody. However, you really can't just jump in from the beginning of this series. You'll need to watch the first series, or, if you want to save time, watch the movie before you could appreciate this sequel.

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