Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[OVA] High School of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead

Just like most extra episode OVAs for any TV series, Highschool of the Dead OVA serves no purpose other than showing off some extra skin, and more importantly, boobs, as if there weren't already enough boobs bouncing around in the original series.

Every time I talk to anybody who likes Highschool of the Dead series (not the manga or the franchise as a whole, only the TV series), I always get something like "It's girls killing zombies, how can you not like it?!" as if zombie killing is the ultimate pass for an anime to have as many shortfalls as they want and people would simply just forgive them. Well, in a way, it kind of makes sense, like so long your goal is to kill Hitler, it makes it ok to do as many horrible things as you want in the process of achieving it. 

So that brings my point for this OVA: there are no zombie killing in this episode what so ever, nada! It is an episode consists of nothing but boobs bouncing and rubbing and squeezing and whatever creative things you can do with boobs. It actually makes me wonder whether the team responsible for Seikon no Qwaser is doing a guest work for Highschool of the Dead. So, taking away the only thing that makes the original series "good", I wonder who in their right mind would still consider this OVA anything but a load of crap. If you disagree, I would like to hear about it. 

Score: 50

*EDIT:* As of right now, there are 4 counts of "What are you smoking" reactions on the bottom of the post, yet I still have not seen a single comment telling me why you disagree with me. If you feel there is a need to react to my post by disagreeing with me, at least state your reasons. Consider that a challenge, not as a whole for my blog, but for this particular post.


yoekix said...

I have never ever thought that HSOD was a good anime, but it seems that many others say that this combination of boobs and zombie slaying makes it worth the watch.

In my opinion, they are horribly wrong, as i tend to watch anime for a story with depth. This however cannot fulfill anything whatsoever, the lack of a story, logic or even likable characters makes this one the trashcan as his home.

Now i didn't see this OVA and frankly i don't want to either. That time can be spend for better anime (like Escaflowne that i'm watching now).

anime_otaku said...

does anyone know when the next episode or ova will be released? that is, if it will be released in first place.

Willdx said...

Seriously, it is everyones opinion. I actually like it cause I am into zombie movies/shows, so to see a anime concept of that genre is quite fascinating to me. Plus yes I do like boobs.....I am a man.

The Evil Cat said...

Like I said, if you are here to watch a zombie anime, you ought to think this OVA is just crap, since there's no zombie in it what so ever. But if you're looking for boobs, series like Seikon no Qwaser or Queen's Blade provides a much better boobies show. This is just mediocre at best without much substance at all.