Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[Ended] Oretachi Ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Brilliant Concept, But...

It came pretty close to drop off the bottom of my list, but I sure am glad I kept it. This story has quite a brilliant concept, but, the execution really could have been better. For one, I understand that all those panty and boob shots are probably the byproduct of adapting from the game, but I think the could have tuned it down just a bit without affecting the story or losing certain demographics of the viewer. In my opinion, they completely overdid it and caused more harm than good by driving away audiences.

While the entire series seems like a complete chaos, after finishing the final episode, you'd realize that it has been secretly and strategically dropping small pieces of clues along the way since the very beginning of the series. They plot construction is actually quite brilliant: even though most people probably could get the general idea about what's going on two thirds way through, it managed to keep the actual answer to everything hidden away from audience until the very last episode. That's some cleverly cunning screenwriting and directing.

Final Scoreboard:

Drama: 90 (Interesting)
Comedy: 90 (Quite funny)
Action: N/A
Art/Animation: 85 (Typical)
Sound/Music: 84 (Theme song is good, rest is so so)
Character: 93 (Very interesting)
Plot: 90 (Brilliant)
Ending: 89 (Complete)

Re-watch value: 70 - May want to do another quick run through to catch some missed clues

Overall: 86 - Only if it had less panty shots

Recommendation: I felt it had quite a interesting plot. Due to the nature of the story, it's hard to go into details without spoiling anything. In my opinion, aside from somewhat excessive usage of panty shots, this is an intriguing story. I would say most people that likes a good brain twister would probably like this. It's just you have to be able to put up with some excessive panty shots.

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