Monday, June 27, 2011

[Ended] Dog Days: Children's Fairy Tale

I have to say this series far exceeded my original expectation. But that doesn't really say much since my original expectation for this series is...pretty much next to nothing.

If you want to categorize this series, it would fall dead center into the slot labeled "Children's Fairy Tale". It has the ability to make a child happy, sad, and scared, all without the loss of innocence. Even the ending is in the typical fashion of a typical children's fairy tales. As an adult, this story may seems too...innocent to even withstand. But for a child, or if you can manage to tune your mind into a 7-year-old, this is a indeed very enjoyable series.

Oh, one more observation: The story revolves completely around the main character, Cinque. The role it takes on, actually reminds me very much of Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess: perfect in all aspects and always manages to save the moments. It literally the male version of Belldandy for Biscotti! As for rest of the characters, they're more or less the cookie cutter  characters for stories of this kind.

Final Scoreboard:

Drama: 85 (Typical fairy tale)
Comedy: 82 (So so)
Action: 82 (Jumping and flipping)
Art/Animation: 82 (Kind of cute)
Sound/Music: 88 (I like the opening theme)
Character: 80 (Cookie cutter)
Plot: 84 (Children's bedtime story)
Ending: 80 (Perfect fairy tale ending)

Re-watch value: 60 - To tell your children a bedtime story?

Overall: 82 - Children's Fairy Tale

Recommendation: As for absolute quality goes, this is the mediocre of mediocre. However, I think this makes quite a good children's bedtime story.

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