Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Channel: K-ON! Character Transformed?

Currently finished: Episode 10
Since A Channel is pretty low on my priority list so I've been omitting it from my watch cycle until recently. After getting a little marathon A Channel run, I can't help but to notice there are some distinct similarities between the characters from A Channel and K-ON!. In fact, every major character from K-ON! is almost exactly mapped into one in A Channel.

the "caring""Mugi" + the "clumsy"Yui =  Run
The only exception of the one-to-one mapping. If you think about it, they literally rolled "Mugi"-chan and Yui into one character to create Run.
the "model" Mio =Yuuko
Tall, pretty, long black hair, and easily scared, Mio and Yuuko are almost identical in many ways.
the "brain"Ritsu =Nagi
Always plotting something, but more often than not end up with the short end of the stick.
the "nyan""Azu-nyan" =Tooru
Smart and tiny, usually is the driving force of many things, yet because of her size, often ends in many stressful situation.


Anonymous said...

You make one mistake. K-On! is enjoyable. A Channel is poo. Also, claiming Tooru is Azusa is a stretch... The other comparisons are a lot closer.

The Evil Cat said...

I only said the character are similar, never said anything about the quality of A Channel. Yes, I agree, in terms of quality, A Channel is nowhere near what K-ON! is. I'm merely pointing out how the character archetypes matchs up almost perfectly.

Sousou sama said...

I don't care about similar,for me the most enjoyable anime is about slice of life themes. Some people say that slice of life is plotless and not worth to watch. But these anime always brings us some humour and laugh moments that may happen in the real life. Even remind us the feeling and emotion that we daily encounter.
That's why i enjoy K-ON! and A-CHANNEL.