Sunday, June 21, 2009

[Ended] Eden of the East: Noblesse Oblige

I mentioned in my last post that I don't see how they can possibly explain and wrap up this complicated story in the only 4 remaining episodes. Well, not only it did, it did so well that I think this is the best anime in 2009 I've seen so far.

Along with some subtle comedic elements, especially the way they handled male nudity, the story is very interesting and well constructed. It kept the big picture under the cover until the very last moment. This really is one of the MUST-WATCH anime in 2009.

The better news, is that at the end of the series, it announced two movies for Eden of the East: King of the Eden and Paradise Lost. Judging from the name, it's either prequels or sequels or one of each for the story. Though it's possible, but I think it's unlikely for both movies to be a retelling of the original story.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 99 (Brilliant!)
Comedy: 93 (Subtle, and just right)
Action: N/A
Art/Animation: 95 (Much like Honey and Clover)
Sound/Music: 95 (Great choice of theme song)
Character: 98 (Character centric)
Plot: 99 (Brilliant!!)
Ending: 98 (Kind of open, but it's really not possible to close it)

Re-watch value: 80 (Loses the surprise factor, but still interesting)

Overall (not average): 98 ~ Best of 2009 so far

It's still too early in the year to hand off the best of the year award, but, it'll definitely get:

Anime of the Season for Spring 2009 Season

Recommendation: Like I said earlier, this is a MUST-WATCH anime in 2009. If you are going to pick one anime to watch, this should be it.


Unknown said...

so agree!!!! it was awesome...XD

i didn't watch it until recently cuz i hate its style of drawing...but the background design and story was AWESOME~~

The Evil Cat said...

I think this may well be the best anime of the year. The only one I think has the potential to beat this is Spice and Wolf II.

I didn't used to like the art style either until I saw Honey and Clover. It was done in the same style and it was such a good anime, I slowly learned to like styles like this.

Unknown said...

i watched this first then decided to watch honey and clover....

but i guess i still like eden of the east better than H&C