Monday, May 25, 2009

Eden of the East: Um...

Currently finished: Episode 7

Up till now, everything that is happening can still be somewhat explained with reasoning from our reality. The end of episode 7, however, breaks that barrier. I thought I was slowing figuring out what is going on and what is it about. But now I'm not so sure any more.

With only 4 episodes to go, I don't see how it could possibly explain everything and put an end to it in such a short time. Or maybe that's exactly where the author intended to go...


Anonymous said...

I didn't realise there were only 11 eps?
It's such a good anime. No way they can end it in 4 eps. Like you want to find out who is the supporter. Who is Mr Big. Who is Number I. What did IX do? Do they get together... Etc etc etc.
What what does the Eden program have to do with this all. Oh and I wonder who Juiz really is.

Paul said...

I had no idea there will only be 11 episodes of Eden of The East. :(

This is very sad.

The plot is too great to end so shortly, but that probably is what will make it so great. We'll have to wait and see.

I doubt another 4 episodes can cover the entire backstory of each of the other Selecao.

I was waiting breathless for something to happen between number IX and "Johnny the ripper" when he went unconscious. Hihi! :D
I just thought he must be a very complex character after what he said. I am so interested and knowing his character more.

@materix01 Indeed I wonder about who Juiz really is myself. She sounds too good to be an AI. I wonder if she's Mr. Big's girlfriend... :^D

the_other_brand said...

11 episodes seems very limiting for a series like this.

I do have to say, I find the selective removal of memories from someone just as unlikely in this reality as someone sprouting wings. If she actually flew away with said wings is still in question.

Also, "I'll catch him by the Johnny"

Ian Jade said...

I think it'll fit just fine. If they extended the series too much, the plot would lose impact.


You just haven't paid enough attention. First of all, it's not selective memory removal. He might as well have been struck by lightning. Secondly, the wings and flying were illusions set up by Juiz.