Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Natsu no Arashi: Guest Characters

Currently finished: Episode 9

It is interesting that Natsu no Arashi not only periodically quotes famous lines from other animes, it also brings in guest characters as part of the background once a while. In this one episode alone, there are at least five different group of guest characters. Three of them I can immediately identify, the other two looked somewhat familiar but I can't recall which anime is it from:

Guest Group 1 (Mahjong club members from this season's Saki)

Guest Group 2 (From ???)

Guest Group 3 (Light music club member from this season's K-On!)

Guest Group 4 (Dorm manager, Dog, and Father from last season's Maria Holic)

Guest Group 5 (From ???)

So, can someone else help me identify who the other two groups are and which anime are they come from?

Also, a word about the story, before episode 9, things have started to get a bit repetitive and I was slowly losing interest. Episode 9 made a connection between two groups of characters in the story which I didn't think they have anything to do with each other. Now it has gotten really interesting. So, if the contents before episode 9 start to bore you a bit, don't drop it just yet. Episode 9 has an very interesting twist.

[Edit 06/16/09]
An anonymous user posted a comment noting that guest group 5 are the characters from
Idolmaster Xenoglossia. No wonder I didn't recognize them, I only watched about two episodes of that before I dropped it. Now, only if someone could tell me which anime is guest group two coming from.

[Edit 07/31/09]
Another anonymous user (or the same one) posted a comment noting that guest group 2 are the characters from Hidamari Sketch.


Anonymous said...

Guest Group 5 is from Idol Master.

Anonymous said...

The second group is from Hidamari Sketch, I believe.