Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weed Out Time!

Not counting the automatic rejects, there are 26 new series from October 2008 season. Stack that up with the ongoing series from previous seasons, there are more than 30 animes on my active watch list. That's 12 hours of animes a week just to keep up with the schedule. Even being the biggest Otaku around here, I still have other things to do in life other than anime. So, I need to weed out those below stands quick. Otherwise, I'll be playing catchup game for rest of the season.

The first to go is Macademi Wasshoi. It's an ok comedy, but to me, it's just not a great anime, nor do I see any future potential in it. So, I'm letting it go.

The next one is Kyou no Go no Ni. Just like the OVA, this is just a bunch of fifth grader's fart jokes. But compare to OVA, the art is not nearly as good, and majority of the jokes are just repeats from the OVA. With nothing new to offer, this is being crossed out from my list.

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