Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ongoing Long Series: Story of Saiunkoku

I've never mention this anime in my blog mainly because it's a ongoing long series that started way before I started blogging about animes I watch. Right now it's about three quarter through the second series. The original series is 39 episodes long, so is the second series.

The story's setting is in a imaginary land called Saiunkoku means "country of many colored clouds", which is loosely modeled on a old dynasty of China. The story follows a very intelligent girl finding her way to help the emperor to govern the country. In essence, it's a show about politics, emperor era politics, just like the The Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokki), except there are a lot less actions and plot development is bit faster. (BTW, I'm still very pissed at NHK not finishing production of the rest of Twelve Kingdoms).

In my opinion, you have to be interested in either stories occuring in old dynasties of China, or emperor era politics to be able to follow this show. Otherwise, don't even bother.


Anonymous said...

Did you mean you are interested in old Chinese politics?

The Evil Cat said...

I guess you can say that. I'm just trying to be as general as possible.