Friday, December 21, 2007

Da Capo II: Will Become Unfinished Business

Currently finished: Episode 12

It's the end of episode 12, and what I expect to happen had not happened. Too many things are left unexplained, too many loose ends need to be tied up. It is impossible to do them all in the only one episode left in this series. So, I hope it's not the end of the series. For heaven sake the original Da Capo lasted not only a long season, but also a second series which is also a long season. Da Capo II can't just end with only one short season. They ought to have a follow up series after a season break. (This format has been getting pretty popular lately: Girls Bravo, Honey and Clover, Story of Saiunkoku)

One biggest thing it needs to answer is that why Yoshiyuki's last name - Sakurai, is different than Otome and Yume's last name - Asakura (the last name of Jun'ichi, the main character of the original Da Capo), and yet both Otome and Yume call him brother and they (and everybody else around them) act as they are related with blood.

Without making this point clear, Da Capo II is not complete. This question has to be answerd.

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