Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai): Highly Underrated

Currently finished: Episode 12

As I mentioned in my initial post about this series, despite neither the art style nor the topic is something I'm interested in, it somehow managed to grab my attention from the get-go. Now having seen half of the series already (assuming it's a long season, not longer), I have to say I agree with my friend danchou's assessment that it is probably "the most underrated or under-appreciated show of the season".

There are some amazing depth and very well paced character development along with some highly interesting plot development. Though I have to say they've pushed a bit too hard on the some plot devices that any intelligent person would have figured out what's coming. LOL.

Put that aside, however, so far this has been a very interesting story, along with some witty humors here and there to keep it from getting too dry in pushing the plot along. If you haven't started it, I would highly recommend it to give it a shot. I think this may very well on its way to become the best drama of the season.

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