Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Ended] Ozuma: Submarine Battles, in Sand

While the story has somewhat of a moral behind all that's been happening, what really makes it exciting enough to make you want to watch, is the intense naval battles...fought in liquid sand. I would almost say that for whatever they're trying to establish with this story, there are way too much focus on the mechanics of the submarine battle, not enough on building the central plot.

As far as the moral of the story goes, it's a very typical message about how mankind is responsible for destroying the planet and we have to stop it. A very typical message you see from the tree hugger. On the flip side, however, depending how you look at it, I think it's also pushing an idea from the opposite side as well: no matter how hard we try, human would never be able completely dominate the power of nature--if humankind does exhaust nature's resource and become extinct because of that, then that's nature's healing power at play to be rid of us like a bad infection. There is no need to fix what we do, because in my opinion, human greediness is incurable. I'd even go so far to say most if not all environmental activists are probably out there for political gain. We might as well all go back to stone age if we want to protect the environment. The only true way to protect the environment is to be rid of humankind. But since the most efficient method for such: war, is highly frowned upon by almost everybody, I'd say us humans as a race trying to survive in this planet forever are hopeless. So you might just enjoy you current way of living and not to worry about the inevitable. Or if you truly care about the planet's future, start a war to wipe the humankind. Raising awareness won't do anybody any good, period.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 83 (Submarine warfare)
Comedy: N/A
Action: 80 (Little bit)
Art/Animation: 81 (Old School)
Sound/Music: 80 (Eh)
Character: 800 (Not well defined)
Plot: 73 (Too much battle not enough plot)
Ending: 80 (What is that)

Re-watch value: 20 (Not really)

Overall: 78 - Too much battle, too little plot

Recommendation: Being only 6 episode long, I'd say it worth the time just to watch some exciting submarine battles.

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