Sunday, June 10, 2012

Late, Late, Late Top 5

Well, as evilcat said, I planned on catching up on this season and posting my top 5. Well, I am just now caught up with most of it, and we're about 10 episodes in on most series... so I figured I could do it now. Anyways, danchou's top 5, with some extra sauce. The ordering is based by the beginning of the season. The number in parenthesis is the rating based on ~6-7 episodes.

No 5: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia-  Unlike Space Brothers, this is probably one of the most overrated series this season. It is good, but too many of the relationships seem forced and the directing of the series is just a little off. Other than that, the premise and the story are fairly interesting and the comedy usually delivers.

No 4: (Tied No. 3) Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai)- This is probably the most underrated or under-appreciated show of the season. I see very little chatter about it, despite being an excellent slice-of-life story in an original setting. There are a handful of excellent characters that you can't help but love. The main character stands out even among these. The tension throughout the series is more than enough to prove how good the series is.

No 3: (No. 2) Jormungand- This series is fun, high-octane, and well thought out. Several characters are developed well. Most importantly, every episode (or arc) manages to stay interesting.

No 2: (No 2.) Fate/Zero- I decided to follow evilcat in saying that this series doesn't count as this season. However, this series manages to have great animation for truly gripping action while developing characters in a very interesting fashion.

No 2: (No. 1) Sakamichi no Apollon- This series started out really good and managed to go beyond that. An array of well developed characters put into an interesting setting allowed for a strong premise to be in the background of an excellent drama. The show has only managed to get better.

No 1: (Tied No. 3) Sankarea- This series had the most interesting premise and first few episodes out of any series this season. It had a unique feeling to it, several interesting characters, nice character designs, good music, funny comedy, a dark theme growing underneath, and just about anything else you could ask from this genre. However, a few of the newest episodes have not quite been up to par.


The Evil Cat said...

By now, my top 5 would have shuffled a bit as well. Jormungand would still stay at my top spot, but I'd kick Zombie Desu Ka off and push everything on my list up a level make space for Hyouka at No.5 spot. As for Space Brother, I was rather fond of it to begin with, at this point, I'd would squeeze it in to tie the No.5 spot as well.

Unknown said...

I was wondering what your opinions were on the anime Eureka Seven Ao that also came out during the April 2012 season. I have been watching it due to enjoying Eureka Seven, but I have mixed opinions of it.

I can understand if you guys dropped it early on and didn't mention it, it just seems like you are unaware of it.

danchou said...

Oh, I kinda forgot about Ao. I think it is an anime in flux. Some episodes, the first few especially, were quite good. However, a few of the episodes have been a bit closer on the generic side. In most other seasons, it would be a top 5 series. However, this season has A LOT of good series (IMO) that didn't make my top 5 and probably would make them most other seasons (Hyouka is getting better and very close to my top 5, evil cat).

The Evil Cat said...

Well, I watched Eureka Seven Ao, I just forgot to write a post about it >.< In fact, I was rather fond of the first couple of episodes, even though I have never even seen the original series. Depending how this series turns out, it may even prompt me to go through to watch the original Eureka Seven, if time permits....(-_-')