Thursday, June 14, 2012

[Ended] Upotte!!: Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People

I have to say this is one of the more ridiculous ideas I have seen lately. While it's much like series such as Nodame Cantabile or Mayoshimon, where it cleverly packed useful knowledge everywhere, unlike the two I mentioned, these vast knowledge about assault rifles feels somewhat...out of place. I'm not sure what exactly, something just doesn't feel right. And, unlike Hetalia, even though this is mostly nonsense comedy, the serious part of the plot makes these personifications of assault rifles feels rather...odd. Still, the informative side alone would be enough to make it receive a better grade than some of the online reviews that just shreds it to pieces.  I am rather impressed with what they did.

While most of the story is just a jumbo of nonsense, there is however one very good message it hammered in at the very end: Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Without the people who wield them, guns could not have taken a single life.

p.s. I wish they had my favorite, FN P90 personified in the story. But I guess the reason it's not in the story is because technically, it's a sub machine gun rather than assault rifle and this story is all about assault rifles, sigh...

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 77 (Somewhat stupid)
Comedy: 80 (There are some ok ones)
Action: 80 (Personified assault rifles...)
Art/Animation: 80 (Acceptable I guess)
Sound/Music: 76 (So so)
Character: -- (Assault rifles -_-')
Plot: 78 (Assault rifles, team spirit!)
Ending: 80 (Rather impressed by the way they sent the message)

Re-watch value: 20 (Why would you...)

Overall: 80 - Ridiculous, informative, and with good message

Recommendation: This is one of the edge cases that I don't really want to give advise either direction. I myself is having trouble to decide whether I should give it a thumb up or a thumb down >.<

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