Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Poll] April 2012 New Season Poll is Open

Now the last of the new season is out, let's take a look at what the best of the season has to offer. Compare to last couple of seasons, we have seen quite some amazingly good series coming out. It seems the good anime drought is indeed over--again I'm having trouble deciding what series to cut  instead of what to put on my top five. After quite some deliberation, I finally narrowed down my top 5 picks. Let's start from the bottom, shall we:

No.5: Sakamichi no Apollon. While it's not anything exciting, it has a very interesting beats to it. I can't quite grasp just yet what is it I'm like it so much for, it's definitely something I'd like to keep watching.

No.4Sankarea. The overall premise is weird yet intriguing, on top of that, it is just very well executed in terms of translating the manga to the screen.

No.3: Fate/Zero 2nd Season. Well, this technically isn't a "new" series, since it's only the second part of a long season series. Nevertheless, I need to mention it here because as far as quality goes, this would definitely seize the No.3 spot of the season.

No.3 (the real one): Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead. I think there are many people out there just don't understand this series. Personally, I just think there are so much brilliance that are worked into into the series. One side note, I think you'll have to watch the first series to understand this one. Otherwise, I don't think you'd appreciate it nearly as much.

No.2: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. I don't think anybody going to argue this series deserves to be one of the top 3 anime of the season. The character has great chemistry, the comedies are funny, and it's very well directed. The most intriguing part, is how they have mixed comedy and horror in the same place and you can distinctively feel them both very well.

No.1: Jormungand. My mind had quite some struggle on deciding who should take the top seat of this new anime season, specifically, deciding which of the top two should take the spotlight. They're both excellent animes (or should I say, animes with excellent first impression). Ultimately, I think the little extra action and explosiveness and the message it was passing off (about weapon is the the tool to keep peace instead of disrupting peace) won me over. It actually felt like an unique blending of CANAAN and Black Lagoon, which both are excellent action animes.

So those are my top 5 pick, feel free to cast your vote on the right side. I'd like to see how much my opinion deviates from my blog readers ^_^

p.s. my friend danchou (the guest author of this blog) (^_^)v may post his top 5 soon as well. I'm very much interested in what he has to say about them, since our opinions differed a bit over past several season.


Micky said...

So I noticed Eureka Seven AO wasn't on the poll..

Not expecting a review out of it because you'd need to watch all of the first series to really get some of the references, but if you ever have the time check both out.

The Evil Cat said...

yeah, i realized that a day after I posted the poll. I actually watched the first two episode of Eureka Seven AO. I have to say, even I haven't seen the original series, I thought the the first two episodes of the AO was very good. At some point, I'll have to go watch the original Eureka Seven. Then I my have a better understanding of AO series.

danchou said...

Well, I'll get out a top 5 as soon as I finish catching up with everything... I'm working on it and I'm catching up... little by little :P