Friday, May 11, 2012

Nazo no Kanojo X: That's some...weird fetish

Currently finished: Episode 5

When I say fetish in the title, I don't really mean to say the characters in the story have some weird fetish (well, that's well known), what I want to say, is that the author of the story got some really weird fetishes. More I watch it, stranger it gets; stranger it gets, more intriguing I actually felt. While I'm definitely interested enough to want to see to the end of this, every time when anything scene involves spit exchange comes up, I just couldn't help myself but feeling some discomfort in my stomach >_<

Aside from that, I have to say this story is getting more a more weirdly interesting. More and more things start to show up to suggest that there are even more weirdly strange things hidden in the back. Unless you just couldn't stand this weird fetish, I'd say it's mostly worth it to  keep on going at it...for now

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