Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Dropped] Shining Hearts: From Bad to Terrible

Last Episode Seen: Episode 5

I thought it was pretty bad to begin with, but since then, they seem to have pulled hand break--it has just become unbearably slow. I'm sure these characters they're "slowly" introducing are probably somewhat important people that they would cash in their early favors to fight the grand boss, but there ought to be a better way other than this extremely slow one-per-episode business. On top of that, I had just about enough of these extremely nice talk of the girls.

One problem of typical RPG adapted anime is that sometimes they tend to follow the game too closely. These boring short arcs we've seen so far in Shining Hearts probably would have been a bit more interesting if it is in the game, since you're actually involved with the story. But when you're strictly an outsider watching what's happening, it's become almost unbearably boring. However I think this is rather localized problem that probably mostly caused by directors and screenwriters, because some anime series such as the Tales series are much better quality in terms of directing and the plot flow. Shining Hearts just so happens to be a badly written and directed anime.

Final Score: 43


yoekix said...

isn't that image from haiyore! nyarlko?

The Evil Cat said...

Thanks for pointing it out...I must have been really tired when I wrote it to like up the wrong picture... >_<