Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amagami SS: More Playfulness

Currently finished: Episode 18

This arc (Rihoko) is by far my most favorite one among all so far, topping my previous favorite, the Haruka (1st) arc. Reason? Well, I guess it's because I actually like Rihoko as the lead female and Junichi is not acting like a complete pervert this time.

On top of that, the voice of Rihoko is one of my favorite voice actress that I haven't heard her as a leading role for a while: Ryoko Shintani (新谷良子). You could probably recognize her easily if you have seen any of the Galaxy Angel series, as it'd be pretty difficult to forget the ultra playful voice of "Milfie".

So far, I think this series has been plagued by cheap plots and asserting too much of the pervert contents. I'd be much less critical towards it if they'd been more sincere about each character's story rather than trying to make them all about sex.

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