Monday, November 15, 2010

Otome Youkai Zakuro: Pushing the Right Buttons

Currently finished: Episode 6

I've spoken very highly about this anime early on in the season and considered it to be the best anime of the season. Now, 5 episodes later, I would like to reaffirm again how good of an anime this is.

First off, the screenwriting and directing strikes a near perfect balance between fast action and slow transition, thought provoking plots and light hearted comic relief, local climax and setup for the overarching storyline. It has everything, in the right dose and at the right time. This is literally one of the best screenwriting and directing I've seen lately (Shyamalan, learn to direct like this).

They insert just enough information and comedies so that it doesn't feel being dragged through the slow part of the episode and they don't get too carried away in the fast paced fights and maintains a nice rhythm with that interesting little lullaby.

Then there's the character development. It is nice to see the character developments blended right into the moving plot, because nowadays it's quite often to see story become either too character focused which we end up with a very sloppy plot, or too plot oriented that all characters end up feeling completely two-dimensional. A good balance between them makes characters come to live and letting you develop an emotional attachment at the same time. If juggled well all the way to the end, it could well become one of the best anime experience you've ever had.

At any rate, that's enough praising for a single post, I better stop now otherwise people will think I'm being paid to write this for them.

While I'm liking it so much mostly due to more of a personal preference--I guess it's just pushing all the right buttons for me, still, you can't deny the fact this is just a very well made anime, period.

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