Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sengoku Basara: How ridiculous can it get?

Currently finished: Episode 6

Remember I said in the last post about this anime that the characters are "dramatized, modernized, and fantasized people that were actually in Japanese history"? Well, it seems that they are taking that concept way above the conventional level.

The high jumping and flaming throwing fights are actually pretty common in animes of this type, but giant robotic human with jet packs, Gatling gun, along with what looked like an explosion of small tactical nuke all seemed to be just a little bit out of tune with the story. It's the 1500's, not the 1900's.

Nevertheless, even with all these outrageous nonsense, I still find this anime quite entertaining.


materix01 said...

What is it about? From the one picture, it looks interesting.

The Evil Cat ~ 豹 said...

It's story about Japan in its warring period, which roughly spans over the 1500's and the 1600's.

Anonymous said...

What I like from basara is especially date masamune. First episode I feel great watching this anime. But until the latest eps (eps 7) this anime is begin sucks to me.
How come that Masamune seem always runaway from battle (thx to his lot of think partner). and plus Masamune getting hurt+lose agains his partner (again). opposite to it, his idiot rival, Yukimura Sanada getting into spotlight. Really, it's super sucks. Go to hell Sanada cs.
I wonder when Masamune show his determination like in the game?

The Evil Cat ~ 豹 said...

I think you're taking it too serious. It's only a fighting game converted anime. Animes like usually don't have much of a plot. You can't shouldn't expect any character's action being rational.

Anonymous said...

Well, if anime don't have much plot, it's easier. Just make Date Masamune as a strong swordman, dominant over his enemies, and never lose. At least one or two eps is enough.

The Evil Cat ~ 豹 said...

Remember the main goal of anime is to provide entertainment. Sure if they don't have a plot, they can just cramp everything into one or two eps, but what's the fun of that?