Monday, July 7, 2008

Vampire Knight: (Ended) I Hate Season Ending Cliffhangers

The first season, or first segment of Vampire Knight is over. Before the season ended, they've announced that there will be a second season coming in October. So there is no guessing game. We know there are more to come.

I call it cliffhanger, but in fact, it's more like an abrupt stop point of an ongoing plot. But the effect is actually pretty close to a cliffhanger--you just want to see more.

Even though technically the series has ended, it's really just a mid-season break. So I'm not going to do the full scoreboard review for it just yet--I'll wait for the next part. If you have to know, then just consider this is one series that at the moment on my highly recommended series list. So, go ahead grab all the episodes from the Internet before they disappear.

Current rating (of 5): 4.6

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