Thursday, July 17, 2008

BitComet, I HATE You

Recently, I decided to clean up some fansub mangas I've downloaded using bittorrent (I have 100+ series that are downloaded waiting for me to clean them up). Half way through, I got very very annoyed by thousands little "padding" file that are downloaded along with the useful files.

These padding files are caused by someone seeding with BitComet client version 0.85 onward. They supposed to help distributed download by having each each BitTorrent "piece" to be occupied by no more than one file. While this little trick works well, it creates lots of unwanted files for people that doesn't use BitComet.

I usually don't criticize free software because I respect those who put their time and energy to work on softwares that they do not directly profit from. In fact, I look down upon those criticize free software, because if you don't like something someone is giving out for free, don't fucking use it or write your own.

However, it is different in the case of BitComet. Even though I can choose not to use BitComet, but, that won't prevent me from getting those annoying padding files because somebody else is using BitComet. If the seeder uses BitComet and you don't, you're doomed to get those padding files. This, in my opinion, is no different than spreading computer worms and virus.


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Anonymous said...

yep. have to agree. what a complete waste of bandwidth and time