Monday, July 21, 2008

Sekirei: The Ikkitousen Syndrome

Currently finished: Episode 3

This anime, suffers greatly from what I called "Ikkitousen Syndrome". The symptoms? The clothes of big breasted female character during combat is always the first to go. The first and most blatant anime I noticed it from is Ikkitousen, thus, I named it the "Ikkitousen Syndrome". The syndrome, usually accompanies animes that are ultra heavy on fan service (e.g. Ikkitousen). However, there are exceptions. Take Sekirei for example. Even though blowing up big breasted female character's clothes away has been an regular occurring event, I wouldn't exactly call this anime fan service heavy. Much like ToLoveRu, even though female clothes are the first to go, the process is usually intentional, which means taking away clothes could cause a difference in current situation (e.g. having an upper hand on a fight due to the female character has to cover herself). Where in Ikkitousen, blowing away the clothes did not change a thing to either party in the battle; it's just "convenient" to have the clothes to be blown away for the audiences.

The bottom line is, Sekirei do have somewhat excessive fan service, but the amont and placement is reasonable. Therefore, I wouldn't hold that against it.

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