Monday, March 24, 2008

Preview of April 2008 Season

As usual, April season has significantly more new series than January season. The quality of the series also seem to be much higher. The list is long. I didn't list everything I found. There are some obviously wouldn't make it to the "keeper" list, because of art style, or story content. I only put out those that I think are worth looking into.

Wagaya no Oinarisama

I just recently got hold of some of the manga this series is based off. I think it's a story about some fox god/goddess in a shrine. The art work is somewhat interesting.

Forecast: Looks like could be interesting, for the moment

Toshokan Senso

As you can see from the picture, Toshokan Senso translate to "Library War". Supposedly, it's based of a series of books about free speech, censorship, and other similar civil liberties. I'm really curious about how this anime express those opinions.

Forecast: whatever...

Vampire Knight

A girl got attacked by a vampire, then saved by another vampire. Supposedly, it's a Shoujo anime. The art style seems to fit, but I couldn't image how would this kind of content to be fit into a Shoujo series. The art style is what I call elegant hard-edge. I'd watch it just for its art. The art style also reminds me of Zombie Loan, but this is definitely superior.

Forecast: I want to see it, I want to see it...

Soul Eater

There are some human weapons that supposedly eat human souls. That's what I know so far. It's produced by BONES animation studio, who has a pretty good track record (Oran Highschool Host Club, Darker Than Black, etc.). So I expect this to be at least somewhat decent.

Forecast: Yeah...Maybe...Sure

Special A

It's a story about a group of elite student in a elite private school. The description somewhat reminds me Gokujo Seitokai, which is a similar theme and setting. From the look of it, it's going to be somewhat a light comedy. It's produced by Gonzo, and if it's a comedy, then...I'm not so sure about its quality. Gonzo hasn't had much good track record for comedies.

Forecast: I'll see if I have enough free time....


Another anime has something to do with fox-girl/wolf-girl, seems to be the new theme lately. This one, looks like a pure comedy. Looks like something similar to Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun.

Forecast: I'll decide when I see it...

Kamen no Maid Guy

This one is weird, supposed to be some maid guy with mask protecting some girl. From the picture above, it might be one of those overly unnecessarily gory anime.

Forecast: I'm really unsure about this one...


When D.C.II ended in December, I said there is no way that's the end of it. There are just too many unresolved things. Now it's back, hopefully, we get to see the rest of the story without having to take another break.

Forecast: I want to see it, now.


This is an anime by Gonzo, and it's not one of their cheesy comedy. That's enough for me to want to watch it. I'm a big fan of Gonzo's work (not those cheesy comedies though).

Forecast: It's Gonzo, what do you think?

Macross Frontier

About a month or two ago, there has been a release of a preview episode of this series. From what I remember, it looked ok. Hopefully, it doesn't go down the road of cheesy sequels where Zoids went.

Forecast: Somewhat interesting, mabye... I don't know....


The description from the web site is a bit too cryptic to understand. All I know is there's a guy and there's a young girl.

Forecast: I'll know when I see it...

Nabri no Oh
From what I understood, it's a series about ninjas and stuff. The art seems to be elegant hard-edge style. I'm a big fan of this type of art style.

Forecast: I'd at least like its work

Allison to Lillia

There is a continent, divided into two countries, who are engaged in an endless war. Then there's some girl is about to do something (for the most part that I manage to understand).
Usually, this kind of animes aren't received too well by me, however, there are exceptions. I'll have to see to decide.

For the moment, doesn't seem to have much offering

Druaga no To ~ The Aegis of URUK~

Another Gonzo's new anime (that's quite a few for one season). Doesn't seem to be a cheesy anime. It's in a fantasy setting. I have mixed feeling towards fantasy animes. Hopefully, it's one of the better work of Gonzo.

Forecast: Even though it's Gonzo, but I'll see....

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