Sunday, March 23, 2008

H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand: Overly Simplified

Currently finished: Episode 9

Yes, yes, I know I'm far behind here, but I'm trying hard to catch up.

Anyway, while I like H2O in general, there are some problems. For one, some events seems to be overly simplified. Even though the attitude of the students could change quickly because of certain influences in school, I don't believe that rest of the town would just let it go like that. Granted there are some repercussions were excerpted in episode 9, that's not nearly soon enough or big enough giving the town's attitude towards her in the early episodes. (Yeah, yeah, I'm a evil person; I like to see people suffer, blah, blah... any other comments would you like to make about me?) Also, about Hinata being "transformed" into Hotaru, it seems to completely ignored what happens back in her home. I'm sure something has been working out in the background, but it's just a little too strange to skip all of that. I mean either completely ignore them - find a way not to show them in earlier episodes, or have some thing to explain them. It's just too much of a contrast.

Despite all that, I still like the series so far. Since the last episode is already out, I should be able to wrap it up soon.

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