Thursday, September 6, 2007

School Days: Blood! Blood! I want to see some blood!!!

Currently finished: Episode 10


(*Enraged*) This guy does not deserve to live. I hope he die of horrible death at the end of the series (or even sooner). I think, he is by far the most despicable I have ever seen in any animes/movies/tv shows. He is the mankind at its worst.

(*Calm*) Ok, now I have that out of me, let's talk more about the anime. Up till the first 15 minutes of episode 10, it's still just business as usual (you know, the cheater stuff...). But the last 10 minutes made my jaw drop so far that I have to push them close with my hands. If I could, I would have reached into the screen and snapped his neck.

Having said that, let's look at the possible endings. I'm pretty sure by now, that they're going to have an ending with blood. The three blood endings from the game are:

  1. Makoto went with Kotonoha, but Sekai was already pregnant, so she lost her mind and stabs and kills him (that's just stupid, she just lost all her child support!!)

  2. Makoto went with Sekai, Kotonoha became so depressed, that she jumps off from her apartment building and kills herself (quite stupid as well, die for a guy like that) (there's even a nickname for this ending, called "I can fly")

  3. Makoto went with Sekai, Kotonoha just totally lost it. She intercepted them on a overwalk on a street, and slit Sekai's throat with a saw in the middle of the crowd.

Obviously, scenario #1 is very unlikely to happen by now. I don't think it's possible to bring Makoto back together with Kotonoha any more.

Scenario #2, looks pretty promising at the moment. She does look depressed enough to do something like that. But that also means Makoto is together with Sekai and nobody kills him (bummer......).

As for, scenario #3, well, requires some condition that has not been set yet. But why Sekai get to die, not him?!

Having analyzed all that, I truly wish that they do not follow the game ending, and come up with an ending that Makoto get killed by Kotonoha.....or anybody. He should just die. Die. It's definitely a possibility because even though everything that is happening in the anime are from the game, you could not play a single game with all these events, because in the game, some of the events have conflicting prerequisites.

I have to say, there has not been an anime that make me as angry as this one did. School Days is going to my anime hall of fame.

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