Monday, August 20, 2007

School Days: Cheaters, Cheaters

Currently finished: Episode 6

When I played the game, I have a bit sympathy towards the guy for all the awkward situations he got stuck with. When watching the anime, somehow, I just feel he is a cheating bastard, no sympathy what so ever. Maybe because I'm not making the decisions now, I don't feel what the character feels anymore.

The picture being painted is a simple cheating and being cheated situation. The guy, in my opinion, is just a horny dog. He could not wait to get in his girlfriend's pants. When he couldn't, he just grabs whatever is available. Although come to think of it, the girl he's cheating with is the one taking advantage of him, not the other way around. But you see where she's coming from and do feel sympathetic for her. As for the girl that is being cheated, well, she does have problems, but by far, she's the biggest victim.

It's half way through, and the whole thing went downhill pretty fast. We'll see how they pull it through in the second half (or maybe just go down further, who knows).

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