Thursday, January 9, 2014

[New][January 2014] Hamatora

Summary: The story is centered on 'Minimum Holders', people with super human abilities, and the activities of a Private Investigations group of Minimum Holders.

First Impression: Shounen. Very Shounen. Interesting world principles on the front step, though. This ones action oriented, and maybe they'll spice it with mystery, but so far they solve the *air quotes* "Mysteries" literally 5 seconds after they present them.

First Opinion: I like how they stage the principles for how the abilities work. It's very original, in my opinion. It seems to be a simple case of effect amplification, but what stands out is that while a few other animes have done something similar, if not quite this strongly one-dimensional, the refreshing part is that when they play the 'Big Reveal' for the, potential, main protagonist, (the person who at the start of the show they tease us by showing the after effects of his ability, but not the ability), it isn't some landscape reforming overpowered nonsense, or that he has 2 or 3 abilities, it's just a equally scaled ability, that is simply more powerful through utility rather than raw power. To me, that was very refreshing and I gave a couple'a figurative points to the show for it. So far, things are very tasteful, if a bit "I've seen this before".

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