Thursday, January 2, 2014

[New][December 2013] Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins

Lookit that, Gaia in a bottle!

Summary: The story takes place in a world where certain individuals possess a power called ISH (Incomprehensible Skill of Humans), giving them super powers. One of these individuals is Amane Todoroki, who works as an idol magician for a performance team called Nought. Amane has a twin sister named Lilianne who was born without a body. Unlike Amane, whose ISH is fairly weak, Lilianne is extremity powerful and she is able to lend her power to Amane, who uses it in her Nought peformances. Amane and Lilianne try to spread the joy of ISH powers via magic shows, but everything changes when Amane is approached by someone from IAM.
The story takes place in a world where certain individuals possess a power called - See more at:

First Impression: Very hope heavy, probably going to be very "Believe!" heavy as well, but interesting to watch. Probably a Human Interest core with Fantasy world staging.

First Opinion: Nothing especially unusual or unheard of right out of the gate, but pleasant, all the same. Personally, I'm never fond of 'The Airhead' being the protagonist, or having a role other than comical relief side character, but I've seen it work out just fine before, so I won't allocate interest away from it for that. To make the Airheaded main character work, in my experience, they need to make sure that Amane has a proper 'personality/character Arc', which basically means that she has to evolve somewhat outside of just being an airhead. She has to become more grounded/sensible while either maintaining the heart of her naivete, or casting it off for a better cause, or some other such nonsense. Basically she can't just be stupid all the time. From just the first episode, I would say they have plenty of potential to move that way in the future, and the ride will be fantastical fun to watch along the way. A little unoriginal, but why fix what ain't broke?

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