Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yuusha ni Narenakatta: Erotic. Erotic Everywhere.

Sorry no Screenshot today
Last seen: episode 3

Honestly I should have known this was coming, seen the signs. Most obviously, when the ending song and animation contains six plus women floating through the sky in string bikini's. So I just wanted to stop in real fast and give you all the heads-up warning that this show has an exponential increase in erotic content.

In other news, the core story of the show is still interesting, as are the characters. I suppose I've become a bit .. resistant? ..Jaded? to this kinda crap by now, I'm pretty sure I would have thrown down the gauntlet for way less than this before.

I don't know what to think of that.

If I can say anything positive though, it's that I am grade A impressed at how they managed to have a 100% Hentai moment, and be completely non-liable for it. Like, really. Even if you hate the show, watch episode three just to see them do it. It's ridiculous, the justifying world logic they use to glue it together during the moment is even unabashedly weak and loose as they give it in the moment. In the Moment is when the logic should be at its strongest. I was literally thinking "Lady, what you are saying doesn't even remotely explain whats happening on screen right now! Just who do you think you're fooling!?".
Long story short, this is the most bold-faced grab at our pants appeal I've encountered since I accidentally mistook a Hentai on for a mainstream anime.

Seriously why did they even have that thing on their website? They don't host hentai. To hell with Yosuga no Sora and everything it's about.
[End Aside]

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